What charities does your group work with?                      Currently, we work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but we will be expanding to more charities in the upcoming months.

How much are dues? Dues are $12 a year, but they will be prorated based on your month of acceptance into the group 

What do dues go towards? Dues go towards the operating costs of the group.

Where do you make public appearances? We attend and host many events throughout the year. The best way to find out where we will be is our events section of this website. 

Do you do anything that's not at conventions? Yes. We host several other events throughout the year for our members. We also make appearances at small local conventions. 

Is it required to only do Doctor Who cosplays? 
It is required that each member of the group have at least one Doctor Who cosplay. At large multi-day events a Doctor Who cosplay is encouraged but not required. However at smaller events throughout the year we do prefer that our members showcase their Doctor Who cosplays. 

Do I have to make the costume myself or is is okay to purchase pieces? It doesn't matter how you put your costume together as long as you have fun with it.