DFW Cosplay Gallifrey Charter, Bylaws, and Standard Operating Procedures

I. Mission Statement: 

To promote interest in Doctor Who, to facilitate the use of costumes and to contribute to our wider community.


II. Representation:

DFW Cosplay Gallifrey recognizes that we have no claim to the copyright and intellectual property of the BBC and Terry Nation and the Nation Estate, except by the privileges authorized to the organization by the BBC. Members acknowledge and accept that they, by authorization, portray the characters of Doctor Who, when in costume and acting on behalf of DFW Cosplay Gallifrey. While representing Cosplay Gallifrey, members agree to do so courteously, professionally, and responsibly at all times.

III. Membership

1) Requirements

a. Must follow DFW Cosplay Gallifrey Code of Conduct (See Sec. X)

b. Must have at a minimum one (1) recognizable Who universe costume within six (6) months of joining

i. **EXCEPTIONS FOR ARTISAN MEMBERS**                                                                                            Contributes to the group through creative endeavors such as:



-Property Maker

-Make-up-Seamstress/Tailor                                                                                                                                               These will be evaluated on a case by case basis through proper documentation.

c. Must attend at a minimum one (1) event a year

d. Must be current with dues

2) Benefits

a. Access to general news and information, and invitations to group events.

b. Eligibility for Officer Positions

c. Eligible in group business and elections

IV. Active Members Dues

Dues need to be paid by ALL ACTIVE members at the rate of $12 a year or $1 a month. The amount of Dues per year may be altered in the future by a recommendation from the officers, and adopted by a group vote.

Dues will help pay for operating costs, such as, but not limited to:

1) Website Maintenance

2) Tables at conventions  

3) Property Control and Investment  

4) Group Events, such as photo-shoots  

5) Other creative endeavors as determined by the officers and membership


Dues can be paid in the form of cash, check, or Electronic Fund Transfer via PayPal, etc. to the organization through the Director of Finance.


V. Conventions

While at conventions, all members that are in attendance are encouraged to volunteer their time to work our table/room.

Members receiving Exhibitor badges will be selected by the officers, and will be responsible to fulfill their duties in exchange for convention credentials.

The table/room/both is to help not only showcase our talents, but to also:

-spread the message of our group

-recruit new members

-receive donations.

Requirements for receiving credentials for conventions are as follows:  

1. Serve at least seventy-five (75) percent of the day(s) in which you are assigned.                                                                                   a. If only serving one day of a multi day convention, badge must be returned to an officer prior to departing.

2. Be in a complete Who related costume for at least one day of a multi day convention.

3. Be courteous, friendly, and engaging to everyone.

4. Be knowledgeable about the group

NOTE: Training will be required prior to distribution of convention credentials, as well as attending pre-convention meeting(s).

VI. Events

While most events we go to are conventions, we also have a lot of "non" convention meetups. Members are encouraged to go to as many as possible. The events include, but are not limited to:                                                                                             1. Thrift shopping for costumes  

2. Watch parties  

3. Photo shoots in parks and other public places  

4. Attending sub groups meetings to see if that would be interesting to you


VII. Posting of Pictures and Videos.

A. All pictures/video posted to the group social media sites must be safe and appropriate for work and Doctor Who/cosplay related.

B. We reserve the right to post any pictures of cosplayers that attend DFW Cosplay Gallifrey photo shoots whether members, past or current. Members actively participating in on the photos constitutes your implied consent to have you likeness posted, as long as all other stipulations herein are abided by.

VIII. Code of Conduct

A. General Code of Conduct the following rules apply to all functions within DFW Cosplay Gallifrey, in person or through any online media. If in doubt, they apply.

1. Respect others, and their personal space. Treat others as you would want to be treated.Discrimination will not be tolerated

2. Do not harass others. Bigotry of any sort will not be tolerated. For the purposes of this document, harassment is considered any unwanted attention or behavior that continues after the person has indicated unwanted behavior. This includes written, verbal, and sexual harassment. (E.g. lewd comments on photos, pressure for particular photos, etc.)

3.We have underage members. At a Sanctioned Event, there is to be no drinking before 6 p.m. and that is to be only in a venue where drinking is aloud. If in the case Cosplay Gallifrey has a after party, it will always be after 6 p.m. and any underage people will be expected to follow local laws. Any of age, or under-age person, caught drinking before 6 p.m. at a sanctioned event will be considered in breach of Code of Conduct and subject to consideration for disciplinary action from the group. (See Sanctioned and Supported events and the differences between them.)

B. "Sanctioned" versus "Supported" Events:

Rules for Posting of Events:

1. All Events in Cosplay Gallifrey must go through the Director of Event Planning, and approved by him/her before posting.

2. All Events must be posted a minimum of two weeks or more in advance so that all members have adequate notice and may plan accordingly.


Cosplay Gallifrey is an organization based on a copyrighted property and is not authorized to profit from the sales of merchandise bearing images or ideas from Doctor Who, Torchwood, or related property.

Cosplay Gallifrey does not endorse or manage the creation or sale of props, costumes, or costume parts or materials by anyone for sale to others. Cosplay Gallifrey will not intervene in private sales or transactions of non-CG merchandise or products. Cosplay Gallifrey rules do not extend to any disputes related to these matters.

XIII. The Three Strike Rule/Disciplinary Action

DFW Cosplay Gallifrey works under a Three Strike Rule in regards to regulating behavior on the board and in Public gatherings. This section establishes the protocol for the following worst case scenario situations:

1. The following types of behavior will result in warnings and up to potential removal and banning.

a. Bullying/intimidation/harassment whether online or in person.

b. Stalking

c. Sexual harassment (verbal, physical, or online)

d. Posting Spam.

e. Repeated willful violations of the content posting

2. If a member(s) feels that they have been unfairly punished. The member(s) may appeal to the Officers and submit any evidence in their favor. After a careful review, whatever the officers’ decision is will stand.

a. During review, if the Officers find in the favor of the accused, the case will be dismissed and any blatant false accusations will be dealt with accordingly as it relates to the established code of conduct.

3. Complaints should be directed by members to the officers. The officers are responsible for mediating the dispute. This action may take the form of an informal meeting between the parties, up to formal hearings.

4. Every incident will be investigated fully. In the event that a member(s) is found to be in the wrong, the striking system will be as follows;

a. A written (emailed) warning to the guilty party(is) and a barring from the next three (3) events or two (2) months, whichever occurs first

b. banned from group activities for six months to a year depending on the seriousness of the offense

c. Banned from the group

5. In the case of a serious infraction, the three (3) strikes may be superseded by the officers and a more harsh punishment may be instated

6. Permanent Removal from the group requires clear majority vote from all Officers

The Officer Board of DFW Cosplay Gallifrey Reserve the right change these situations as need arises.


Biannually in January elections will take place for Cosplay Gallifrey.

The elected positions will be for Executive Officers, which consist of:


-Senior Director

-Director of Administration

-Director of Finance

-Director of Event Planning


The President will announce the upcoming elections and ask for nominations for candidacy for each office beginning before the election.

Members may self-nominate, but must have a motion made, and seconded to be placed on the ballot for each position.

If someone nominates a member that has not self-nominated, this too will require a motion and for it to be seconded, however the person must accept the nomination, otherwise it will be null/void for the ballot of the office in which he/she is running.

This will be done for each position, and the duties of each officer position will be read out loud prior to a vote being taken. Nominations may take place up until thirty days of the official election, at which point the President will declare them closed.

Voting will take place on January 15-January 20 of every odd year.

The method of voting will be determined by the current officers.

Members in good standing will be eligible to vote, which include being current on dues.

Voting credentials will be distributed at the time dues are paid. In the event that only one person runs for a position, the current President must call for someone to move to a “Vote of General Acclamation”, and have it seconded my a member of the organization. The vote will then require the current President to call for a vote for “Yay” or “Nay”. If the vote is to the affirmative, then the nominee will then become the officer-elect for the position in which they were running.

In the event no one runs or runs uncontested, but is voted Nay, the officers will appoint either within the officers or among the members.

If an officer resigns during their tenure, or removed, the remaining officers will appoint.

Candidates may run for multiple positions, and if elected for multiple positions, must choose only one and must concede other position(s) to the runner up for that title/role.

Officer Titles and Non-Officer Positions, Duties and Requirements

Officer Titles and Non-Officer Positions.

I. Officer Positions and duties

1. Executive Officers

A) President

I. Creates schedule for officer and general meetings

II. Delegates and checks on the status of projects.

III. Reviews Projects and special projects as submitted by other positions and Admin.

IV. Facilitates editing of Charter or bylaws as needed.

V. Coordinate with other Cosplay Gallifrey chapters

B) Senior Director (SD)

I. Acts as president in the case that the president is incapacitated.

II. Assists in delegated activities by President.

III. Coordinates with President for special meetings and disciplinary actions.

IV. Assists Event Coordinator with any of their duties, as needed.

C) Director of Administration (DA)

I. Takes minutes during formal meetings

II. Distributes meeting minutes and results of votes to the group.

III. Records votes.

IV. Manages and mediates disputes between members and officers.

V. Responsible for defense of individual members in officer meetings.

VI. Responsible for ensuring that the officers do not abuse the power of their office.

D) Director of Finance (DF)

I. Keeps the finances for the group

II. Responsible for collecting Organizational funds and any fundraising money

III. Responsible for distributing funds from the Organizations account according to agreed-upon budgetary limits.

E) Director of Event Planning (DEP)

I. Plans activities and events to occur at conventions (panels, booths, etc.), as well as nonconvention events (i.e. photo shoots, holiday parties, etc.)

II. Works closely with photographers and convention staff to plan for the events which will occur at conventions drawing a significant presence from the group.

III. Plans locations, times and dates, and theme (if applicable) for the photo shoots, obtaining any relevant permissions to photograph on location.

IV. Responsible for the oversight of any photo-shoot

V. Receives, reviews and advises on member event proposals

2. Auxiliary Staff positions

A) Public Relations

I. Works with the Director of Event Planning, as well as other officers as needed, to plan social time or events at major conventions.

II. Responsible for the oversight of any socially-related committees

III. Manages the creation and distribution of flyers and any advertising or recruitment materials.

IV. Fields inquiry from the media

V. Acts as contact point for commercial interests

VI. Maintains and updates the group website

VII. Moderates comments and content on the group Facebook page

VIII. Uses discretion to remove offensive or inappropriate content.

IX. Refrains from emotional censorship of matters.

B) Membership

I. Keeps list of member statuses and active interest/capabilities

II. Ensures that new members feel welcome and informed

III. Explains Procedures and Rules to New members

C) Event Planning

I. Assists Director of Event planning in Event Duties

II. Ensures secondary tasks as required by Director of Event Planning

Officer Requirements and Auxiliary Staff Requirements

1. Requirements

A) Must be an active member for six months

B) Must attend a minimum of four events

C) Current dues paying member

D) Must be elected or appointed through group bylaws

2. Benefits

A) Voting Officer positions are allowed one vote each for officer votes. Non-Voting or advisory positions are allowed to attend officer meetings and take the floor. They may offer an advisory opinion on a matter or vote.

B) All officer positions may request the floor during general meetings

C) Any officer may move that a matter to be brought to vote.

3. Terms

A) Officer terms are to last 24 months.

B) An officer may remain in the same position provided they are re-elected and can discharge the duties of the position.

C) Advisory positions are appointed by the Executive Officers, and will be reevaluated every two (2) years or if that members resigns.

4. Removal from office

An officer may be removed from office for the following reasons:

A) Abuse of power, including but not limited taking monetary or non-monetary bribes, interfering with the democratic process of the group, etc.

B) Failure or refusal to complete duties as outlined in these bylaws

C) Ineligibility due to breech of conduct or failure to remain a member in good standing.

D) Voluntary step-down from position (With sufficient notice to hold an in interim election.